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• 2"h x 1.37"w
• nickel plated
• hard enamel
• 2 white rubber backings
• detachable jewelry chain
• logo backstamp


pin designed by ryis


pin grading standards:
an A grade pin may have one or two small imperfections that are not noticeable from a distance and by the artist's discretion do not notably harm the overall appearance of the pin. 

B grade pins may have one or two more noticeable flaws including but not limited to: 


• large specks of color or black
• bubbles
• chips
• dents
• scratches
• missing fill
• miscolored fill
• overfill
• miscolored


metal -
• chips
• dents
• deep scratches
• tarnish
• uneven linework
• deep noticeable scratches


screenprinting (if applicable) -
• smudged
• print missing
• scratches


finishing -
• missing epoxy (if applicable)


B grade pins may or may not come with backing cards. pins with multiple noticeable flaws or extreme instances of the mentioned flaws are considered C grade. 

GUEST ARTIST : original | blue harp enamel pin | hunter's carousel collection


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